How It Works

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For your lawn and garden, the Yard-X will perform the job of a garden hoe, an aerator, a rake, a spade, and more. This versatility eliminates the need for almost any other garden tool. 

On one side of the 180-degree rotating steel head is a sharp rounded hoe, which can be used to dig furrows, remove weeds, and slice unwanted plants at the roots. 

On the other side of the steel head is a strong seven-tine fork rake, which will rake leaves, clean gravel areas, create a smooth level surface, and disperse mulch. 

When the teeth of the fork rake are adjusted to a straight angle facing the ground, the rake now functions as a garden aerator. As an aerator, the Yard-X will loosen the soil of your lawn and garden beds, which promotes good soil health and in turn better plant growth. 

When the angle of the head is adjusted so that the hoe is parallel to ground, the hoe will scrape along tough surfaces such as concrete and stone where weeds tend to grow. 

When the angle of the head is adjusted so that the hoe is perpendicular, or facing the ground, the same sharp rounded garden hoe works as an edger, to give your lawn and garden beds a fresh and clean edge, and to clean around sidwalks and pathways. 

The Yard-X’s versatility makes it an excellent general purpose tool for professionals and homeowners. 

Yard-X tool design


Time & Efficiency – Those who work in a garden or in a landscape know how challenging different spaces can be. The Yard-X is a compact multipurpose tool which is ideal for working in confined spaces as well as large spaces. The high-quality materials can cut, pull, scrape, and move all types of soil, rocks, and surface conditions. Being able to use one tool helps users move around sites quickly and enables users to adjust to different landscaping needs more efficiently. This tool has saved Frank and his workers time allowing them to focus on the craft of making spaces memorable.

Money & Storage – Buying tools can become expensive. The beauty about the Yard-X is it reduces how many tools you need to purchase. Instead of filling your shed with multiple tools, it will help users limit and simplify what they need. Caring for the tool is inexpensive and easy helping to reduce the number of parts an owner would have to order and maintain. With the Yard-X Frank has reduced clutter in his trucks enhancing how his team travels.

Body & Health – The design is ergonomically constructed so that users can continue to work outside with less physical injuries and pains. Those with mobility limitations will find this tool helpful and fun! Having worked in the Landscaping industry for over 38 years Frank’s body has felt stress and pain. His tool speaks to the body allowing users to adjust and angle the head for optimal comfort. 

Product Details

Handle length: 55"
Handle Material: Fiberglass
Weight: 2.9 lbs
Head Width: 6.75"
Number of Steel Tines: 7
Blade Material: Steel
Overall Length: 58.5"