Gardening made easy.

Lightweight and durable

Multi-use configurations

Rake and Smooth

Use the fork rake to clean gravel areas, smooth stones, and disperse mulch. Create smooth, leveled surfaces with ease.

Hoe and Slice

Use the sharp steel blade to dig furrows, break-up soil, remove weeds, and slice unwanted plants at the roots. 

Scrape and Cut

Use the steel blade at a new angle to scrape along tough surfaces such as concrete and stone where unwanted weeds grow. 

Edge and Chop

Use the sharp edge to cut and clean around pathways, planting and vegetable beds. Give your lawn a professional looking edge.

Aerate and Loosen

Use the teeth of the fork at this straight angle to aerate lawns and planting beds promoting healthy soil for better growth.

Aluminum rotating hinge


I live in a small townhouse, so I don't have much tool storage space. The Yard-X fits in my coat closet and does everything I need.

Alisa, Wellesley, MA

 The Yard-X is one of those tools that actually makes yard work easier. It cuts my work and time in half. I use it to effortlessly till, cut and rake weeds from my flower beds and garden as well as dig holes to plant my flowers and vegetables. 

Mike, Kingstowne, VA

As a landscaper, I use the Yard-X everyday for everything from simple cleanups to complete lawn transformations.

Tony, Sudbury, MA

I've been gardening for over 20 years. I already had many tools, but the Yard-X saves me so much time that I hardly ever need any other tool.


Featured Demos

Product Overview

Learn more about the Yard-X and watch it perform all of its main functions.

Front Yard Demo

Watch the Yard-X transform this front yard in time-lapse. The Yard-X is the only tool used on this project.