About us

Frank Fragale

In 1971, Frank Fragale immigrated from Italy with his family. As a young boy he followed his father closely, learning how to construct and build landscapes. Much of his day involved running back and forth from the truck bringing his father tools. To achieve a successful project the use of multiple tools was needed exposing young Frank to a wide variety of tools.

With age Frank’s craft strengthened and so did his knowledge of tools. As a business owner of a Landscaping Company, his collection of tools grew and grew. His trailers began to clutter while his workers carried multiple tools in the heat of the sun. As a passionate landscaper, Frank started to invent his own tools as a solution to his troubles.

The tools we own influence our craft, impact our bodies, and are extensions of our work. Frank’s curiosity of what could be better combined with the knowledge of the industry has allowed for the invention of Yard-X, a multipurpose tool that truly can enhance how individuals work with the land.