Copy of Yard-X Multi-Use Garden Tool MANUEL

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The the Yard-X Multi-Use Garden Tool to makes yard work faster, easier and more fun. Save time and money with the Yard-X.

  1. Hoe & Slice: Use the sharp steel blade to dig furrows, break-up soil, remove weeds, and slice unwanted plants at the roots.
  2. Rake & Smooth: Use the fork rake to clean gravel areas, smooth stones, and disperse mulch. Create smooth, leveled surfaces with ease.
  3. Scrape & Cut: Use the steel blade at a new angle to scrape along tough surfaces such as concrete and stone where unwanted weeds grow.
  4. Edge & Chop: Use the sharp edge to cut and clean around pathways, planting and vegetable beds. Give your lawn a professional looking edge.
  5. Aerate & Loosen: Use the teeth of the fork at this straight angle to aerate lawns and planting beds promoting healthy soil for better growth.